IUCN Strategic Initiatives

The overarching ambition of the Initiatives is to strategically position IUCN at the centre of the global political debate on nature conservation. The Initiatives highlight the Union’s strength of expertise, its networks and its capacity to mobilise.

The Director General has launched a number of policy-focused Initiatives with the ambition to address emerging issues in the natural resource management and nature conservation space. 

We are facing a rapid and unprecedented loss of biodiversity and a climate crisis. Global population rates continue to rise, while natural resources continue to be exploited in an unsustainable manner. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that environmental degradation influences public health. It is therefore evermore evident that the challenges that our globalised world faces require collective action internationally and at all levels of society if the future of life on earth is to be safeguarded.

The future of life on earth depends on the choices we make and the way these decisions are implemented over the coming years”

- IUCN Nature 2030 Programme

All Strategic Initiatives support the implementation of the IUCN Nature 2030 Programme and build on existing IUCN work. The Initiatives allow for expanding the application of IUCN knowledge products and promoting their use across all sectors. Communicating the positive contribution of nature on our society allows us to promote the added value of nature in sectors that are considered drivers of biodiversity loss, such as agriculture and financial flows.

To secure enhanced political will, committed and innovative partnerships and leadership at all levels, IUCN is mobilising its Members to embrace and help implement the changes that are needed across economies and societies to protect our natural world and its contributions to people and livelihoods. 

Butterfly Photo: matthiasfr / pixabay

Nature-based Recovery

Investing in nature has immediate and long-term benefits for economic recovery and stability, community health and resilience and climate and biodiversity.

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A farmer working his field in Angola A farmer is working his field in Cabina, Angola. Photo: Andre Silva Pinto, Shutterstock

Agriculture and Land Health

Through evidence-based dialogue between the agriculture and conservation sectors, this Initiative aims to contribute to the transition towards thriving production systems, resilient livelihoods, and sustainable societies.

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Aerial of coastline and forest Photo: Sebastian Corrales / Unsplash

Contributions to Nature

This platform will allow IUCN constituents to document intended contributions to the IUCN Programme and other conservation frameworks. The intention is to deliver an operational platform by the end of 2021.

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IUCN Academy

Harnessing IUCN’s expertise to build the capacities of citizens of the world -professionals and postgraduate students alike- eager to put nature conservation at the heart of the green transition.

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Post-2020 Biodiversity Priorities

Supporting the adoption and implementation of a powerful Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework to address the biodiversity crisis, in line with IUCN’s Mission.

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Forthcoming initiatives

Finance for Nature

The IUCN Finance for Nature initiative aims to accelerate the translation of commitments into implementation through new forms of collaboration that integrates nature’s value into the logic of finance.

Stockholm +50

IUCN is working closely with the Government of Sweden in supporting the preparations for Stockholm+50.


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